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Different types of material handling machines

Material handling machines are well-known tools used for movement, protecting, storage, and controlling of materials and products. Most of the companies which require material handling machines hire them from different renting companies such as corporate website van Adrighem. They term hiring as the cheapest compared to buying their material handling machine. Material handling machines are categorized into 4 types: Bulk material handling, engineered systems, industrial trucks, storage and handling equipment. Each type has its uniqueness, purpose, and way of operations.

Bulk material handling equipment

These are the equipment that is referred to as storage, control, and transportation of bulk materials within the industry. It has plenty of examples of applications such as food handling, beverages, liquids, metal items, and minerals. The conveyor belt is used to move items from one part of the processing step of products to another. Drums and hoppers are used to funnel loose items into storage where they can be easily packaged.

Engineered systems

It is an automated system created from a variety of units that are combined to enable storage and transportation. Examples of engineered systems are Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), conveyor systems, robotic delivery systems, and automatic guided vehicles. Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are large, automated machines that come with complete racks, shelves, and aisles for quick retrieval of items. AS/RS can be integrated with other stages of the production process for better automation. Conveyor systems carry bulk materials from one point to another using belts, flexible chains, or live rollers. A robotic delivery system is an automated system that moves products from one processing area to another within the plant or warehouse. Automatic guided vehicles are vehicles that are automatically designed to use specific markers of wires to transport material or products around the company or warehouse.

Industrial trucks

These are powered trucks such as forklifts, used in busy industries to transport large materials around the company. They are very useful when there is a flow of insufficient volume to implement the conveyor system. Examples of industrial truck systems are hand trucks, pallet jacks, pallet trucks, walkie stackers, platform trucks, order pickers, sider loaders, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Pallet jacks are tools look like forklift used to lift and move pallets around a warehouse. A hand truck is also called a dolly or box cart. Hand trucks move small items such as packed boxes within the industry.

Storage and handling equipment

These are requirements that hold materials while they are waiting to be transported to the next process or from manufacturer or wholesaler to the end-users. The companies which have storage equipment add efficiency to the company. Some of the storage equipment includes racks, stacking frames, shelves, bins and drawers, and mezzanines. Each storage equipment has its own advantage in the industry. Racks are of different types such as pallet racks, drive-through racks, push-back racks and, sliding racks. Pallet racks are considered the backbone of many warehouses. They come in several styles like double-slotted pallet racks, pallet racking decks, pallet racking accessories & components, pallet rack safety guards, and teardrop pallet racks.

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