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Interesting Facts About Stair Lifts

You might think that because modern stair lifts look really slick, and they operate with ease that they are reasonably new machines that are only used by the elderly. That actually isn’t the case and, there are some really interesting facts that you might not know;

  1. Some stair lifts are actually more efficient than you might think

According to many sources stair lifts can actually be more or, equally efficient as your average household appliances because they only use power when they need it and aren’t in ‘stand by’ mode all the time.

  1. The idea behind stair lifts is actually really old

Because of how good modern stair lifts are, you may be surprised to know that they actually date back to the early 1900’s

  1. There aren’t just for the elderly

After speaking with a stair lift engineer in Worcester, he confirmed that stairlifts aren’t just for the elderly, apparently there are a large number of young sports people who have suffered injuries and need the assisted mobility.

  1. Stair lifts can run off of battery power too

You may not have realized that stair lifts can operate on battery power alone, however, they absolutely can. Imagine if there is a power cut, there has to be a backup or people could be stranded.

More to them than meets the eye

So, there you have it, some interesting facts about stair lifts that you may not have known and, they might help in some way in the future, who knows?

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