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The Top Benefits Of Owning Your Very Own Home.

Many couples throughout the country are making plans right now for the future and what it is that they want to happen. Many have already decided that they want to build a family and to live in a home that can provide them with all of the space that they need as they grow older. The property that they are currently in is suitable for couples, but it is definitely not suitable for a growing family. Kids need lots of room and as they become teenagers, they will insist on having their own space and it is up to you as a parent to provide them with that.

If you are currently renting, then you really need to seriously consider buying your first property and providing your family with some much-needed security. There are many different properties to choose from, but there is a new single storey house project in Chonburi (called บ้านชั้นเดียวชลบุรีโครงการใหม่ in Thai) that you might want to have a look at. It will provide you with the number of bedrooms that you currently need and a large kitchen and bathroom to suit everyone’s needs. If you’re still a little apprehensive about getting yourself on the first rung of the property ladder and you don’t really understand the benefits of doing so, then maybe the following can put your mind at ease.

  1. You are building for your future – Many people see mortgage payments as a burden that they definitely don’t want. But they fail to take into account that when you’re paying your mortgage, you’re also saving money. You need to consider the fact that if you keep paying rent to your landlord that you will never own the property. However, when you pay back your mortgage to your lending institution, 25 to 30 years from now the property will be yours and so you are making plans for your future and your family’s future.
  1. You have more control – Every year that you rent, you are leaving yourself open to increases in your rental payments that are at the whim of your landlord. Once you start paying your mortgage, you can actually sign yourself up to a fixed period when you know exactly how much money that you have to come up with each month. Even after this point, it is very unlikely that mortgage rates will rise in large increments over the course of the year. You will always be prepared as such an event doesn’t occur and so you don’t have the added pressure of having to come up with more money when you don’t have it.

You have an important decision to make and it is whether or not you want to keep giving your hard-earned salary to a complete stranger, or you want to invest your money in your future. It seems to be the sensible financial choice to choose buying a property.

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