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Real Estate In Virginia – Guide To Buying A Land Property

Buying a property is not an easy task. Not all the sellers will be so transparent to you. There are some points you need to think about before buying a property. If you want to move to the country side, you get the land at cheaper rate compared to the city and at the same time you can enjoy a peaceful life, and nature without traffic.

If you are considering to buying land in Virginia, the type of land that you need will depend on for what purpose you will be using the land. If you are confused about what kind of land to buy, take a look at available lots for sale in VA to have an idea about lands available and their rate.

When you decided to buy a land make a list of your choice. Whether it is for investment or for personal use? What is your maximum budget? Is there a solid sale value for the property you choose? Size of the land you need? What is the kind of soil?

There are some more points which are often overlooked by people.


Easements are there to protect nature. You don’t have right to use the land for any purpose. Check whether the land you are buying has a conservation easement.


Different states have different tax rules based on what purpose the land is used for.


Title is the set of rights you have with the property. Have your own attorney to ensure what titles you will be getting from that property.

Environment threats

Check with the seller if there are any environment threats in the land like, water contamination, leaking gas pipes which may be dangerous to you. The seller is not bound by law to let you know about this.

Accessing The Property

Ensure what type of access does your property has? There are two types of accessing, frontage and deeded. In the former way of accessing you get a local road to your property wherein the later means, you don’t have the separate access and you have to come to an agreement with your neighbor about sharing his means of access.

Know About Your Property

When you decided to buy a property check with the neighbors there about the property like, whether the land rate has increased, is there any environmental issues and the like.

Since it is not an easy thing, it would be better if you purchase your land through recognized realtors. With Chesdin Realty in Virginia, you can buy your dream land in Virginia either for investment or for building your own home.

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