High-Rise Apartment: Is it Right for You?

It’s not common for people to live in the clouds, but they do. You might be interested in renting or buying an apartment at a high-rise. We’ll discuss the pros and cons to this route.

What is a high-rise apartment and what does it mean?

A high-rise apartment building is most likely what you have seen when you walk around a city. Although the definition of high-rise buildings can change from one place to another, the National Fire Protection Association defines them as seven stories tall or higher and 75 feet in height.

A seven-story apartment building in New York City could be considered low-rise. It’s not uncommon to find residential buildings that have 20-30 floors or more. A building with seven floors in a small city may be the tallest for miles.

Benefits of buying or living in a high-rise apartment

A high-rise apartment is a great option for anyone looking to rent, buy, or invest in real estate.

  • Amazing views: If your goal is to move to a new city, it’s a good idea to enjoy the sights from your living room. You can enjoy the city’s action without ever leaving your apartment. You may even be able to see historic sites or parks from your apartment’s window if they are nearby. This is especially true if your apartment is on a higher level. If your building has a rooftop deck you are even more fortunate.
  • Location: High-rise apartments are often located in prime locations in cities. This could be downtown, near restaurants and shops, or in areas that have a lot to do. If it means you are closer to work, or nightlife, you will appreciate this proximity.
  • High-rise apartments don’t always have luxury apartments. However, they tend to be close together. You may have access to great amenities depending on where you live. High-rise buildings often have a security system, a doorman, and a gym.
  • You’ll feel less street noise. Although you may enjoy the bustle and bustle of a city, it’s likely that you will find it less enjoyable at night when trying to sleep. Living on a higher level means you are more away from the noise and bustle of the streets. This is especially useful if your children are young and go to bed early, or if your dog gets upset when they see other dogs.
  • High resale value: People who enjoy city life are more likely to appreciate living in high-rise buildings. If you buy a unit in high-rise buildings and then flip it later, this could be a great advantage. You may also be able to access different floor plans if you are buying a high-rise apartment within a new building. What’s the result? The result? Top dollar when you sell.

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