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Real Estate Termite & Moisture Inspections: Benefits, Process, and More!

If you are buying or selling property in Virginia, you must know about Virginia’s termite  moisture inspection reports requirement. Every year, homeowners in the State spend huge amounts on structural repairs because of water damage and termite infestation. When you are buying a property, It’s imperative to get a termite & moisture inspection done.  These reports are typically performed by qualified pest control companies in Virginia. Selected companies specializing in pest control in Smithfield will complete termite moisture forms, such as the Wood Destroying Insect Form NPMA-33, which will outline everything  found on the property.

  1. Relevant Aspects of the Termite Moisture Inspection Benefits of a Termite Moisture Inspection

Termite moisture inspection reports are required for real estate transactions in Virginia. Besides agents, both buyers and sellers should have an interest in these reports. The reports are created in a professional manner and in detail by a qualified and experience termite moisture inspector. They will also mention the period for which these reports are valid. If there is water damage or moisture issues, buyers and sellers may negotiate on the price further.

Termite moisture inspections are different from property inspections. The latter is done by agents and buyers to find the possible issues and condition of the property, while termite & moisture inspections are done by pest inspectors to find water damage, mold, fungus, termite, and wood-destroying insect infestations.

  1. How Termite Moisture Inspections Are Performed

An inspector from a professional termite moisture inspection company will come to the property on the scheduled date and time with the necessary equipment and tools. For moisture and water damage inspections, moisture meters are used, and visual signs will be noted.

Termites are usually found deep in wooden structures, so inspectors will have to go underneath the structure and around the property to find signs like mud tubes and shedding. If there are signs of termites, the same will be mentioned in the report. The whole inspection for termites, other insects, & moisture can be done in under two hours.

  1. Are Termite Moisture Inspections Expensive?

No, termite moisture inspections in Virginia are very reasonable averaging $100.00 or less. However, if there is water damage, structural damage to wooden components and presence of termites, someone will have to spend money on repairs and extermination, which can be expensive. Sometimes, buyers will still buy the property after checking termite & moisture reports, but for a lower price, because of the damage.

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