Three Free Staging Tips

I strongly believe in the staging a property to sell.  To answer your question… Yes, it works!  When buyers are purchasing a property for their family to live in, their emotions are involved.  Therefore, it is crucial that they can see past your style and see their family living there.

Toilet Lid Shut

I will leave the extensive staging tips to a future post.  However, I want to share just a couple basic tips that you SHOULD do before every buyer walks in your home AND you shoot photos of your property.

  1. Shut the toilet lid:)  This seems tedious I know.  However, there is something about toilets that buyers subconsciously like better when they are shut.  You can even tie a ribbon around the seat so no one uses it (assuming it is not needed) while the home is listed.  Have you ever noticed that builders don’t let you use their main bathrooms?  Just a tip…
  2. Open the blinds.   Light makes rooms appear bigger.  Buyers are looking for space and I have never had a buyer wish a room was darker.
  3. Paint the front door.  Buyers are creating their opinion of whether they are going to like your home from the moment they drive up.  There are few easier fixes than a fresh coat of paint on a faded front door.
If your are considering selling your home and would like to speak with me about my extensive marketing plan and services, contact me today!