New Construction: The Pre-Settlement Walk Through

When building a home there are three important meetings for the buyer to attend…

  1. The Pre-Construction Meeting
  2. The Pre-Dry Wall Meeting
  3. The Pre- Settlement Meeting

In previous articles I have reviewed the first two meetings.  Today, lets talk about what to expect at the pre-settlement meeting.  Hopefully for you the buyer, this is one of the last times you will need to walk through the home before you take possession of it as your own home.

The Pre-Settlement meeting has three specific goals…

A.  This is the meeting for you to finally see your home complete.  (Don’t worry, you are in good company if there are still a few minor outstanding items to be repaired.)

B.  This meeting is all about BLUE TAPE.  While the builder has seen and touched up many of the obvious items needing repairs, you will see more things that need it.  Don’t apologize for being picky!

C.  This is the meeting for the builder to show you how the systems in your home work.

Recommendations For The Pre-Settlement Meeting…

A.  Some people like to have a home inspector in before this meeting to review the home.  If you are going to do this, make sure that you follow the builders guidelines for having the inspector in before your PSD (pre-settlement demonstration).

B.  If there are outstanding items that need to be repaired before or after settlement, make sure that they are written down and agreed upon in writing before you leave or you could be accepting the home as-is.

C.  If you are timid of confrontation, bring some one with you who is not (your agent should be there).  This should not be a heated meeting, but it is important that you leave the meeting feeling pleased with the condition of the home.  DO NOT be afraid to have the builder go back to fix or repair items!

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