New Homes: The Pre-Dry Wall Meeting

pre dry wall meetingWhen building a new home, there are three standard meetings that a builder will ask you to attend.

The first meeting is known as the “Pre-Construction Meeting.”   I have outlined this meeting for you in a previous article I wrote located here.

The second meeting is know as the “Pre Dry Wall Meeting.”  This meeting will take place with your on site construction manager and will usually be scheduled with only a few days notice.  To delay this meeting can mean delaying the work on your home.

This Meeting Has TWO Specific Goals…

A.  To review the wiring for the home.
B.  To make sure that any additional recessed lights, attic fans, your alarm system, cable outlets, or ethernet outlets are in place.
C.  You can also confirm at this time that any structural modifications with walls have been addressed before dry wall goes up (assuming this applies to your home).

Recommendations For This Meeting…

A.  If you are going to have a home inspector inspect the property, this is the time toPre Dry Wall Meeting schedule him for.  There is no other time you will see everything behind the walls.
B.  Bring your floor plans and options list with you.  This way, you will know if something is missing that you are paying for.
C.  Bring your camera.  You can take pictures of where studs are in the walls for future picture hanging.

It is time to start getting excited!  Depending on your builder, you are most likely only a couple of months away from settlement at this point!

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