Purchasing a home is for most people the largest investment they ever make.  It therefore only make sense to put an a full time agent to work for you in finding that home and negotiating a price and terms that are in your favor.

Here are a few reasons to hire Jonathan Bunn as your buyer agent…

  1. Jonathan has 11 years of full time experience helping buyers find amazing homes.
  2. Jonathan knows the local areas he serves, neighborhoods, and market conditions.
  3. Jonathan ensures that his clients are protected when a purchasing a home that is overpriced, needs repairs beyond what a buyer is comfortable with, has unsafe radon levels, has active pest issues, and community violations.
  4. Unlike some agents, Jonathan does not charge buyers for his services.  His payment is what a seller pre-determines to pay a buyer agent before listing a home.
  5. Jonathan guides his clients through the complete buying process from day one to settlement ensuring that all timeframes are met.  
  6. Jonathan has worked with almost every local builder in Northern VA.  
  7. Jonathan has a winning record of helping buyers negotiate favorable terms on re-sales, short sales, foreclosures, and investment properties.
  8. Jonathan puts in writing that he works only in the interest of his clients and not that of a seller.  
  9. Jonathan has a team of local professionals to assist his buyers with acquiring a loan, home inspections, handyman, title companies, real estate attorneys, and others to make the process easy and simply.
  10. Jonathan utilizes home search tools and agent networking to find the best properties and at times homes that are not listed in the MLS.
  11. Jonathan educates his clients about the buying process, the local market, and the sales contract.
  12. Jonathan is available through phone, text, and email and responds to requests promptly.

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