4 Reasons To Not Buy A Model Home

Believe it or not, we still have new home builders in every direction of Northern VA.  Therefore, I see a lot of model homes!   And I have to say that I have yet to see a buyer who doesn’t love to view them.

staged homeWhat is not to love?  Professionally designed, every upgrade that the builder offers, upgrades that the builder is not offering, and you can move right in with no work involved.

So this leaves you with the question, why don’t you just wait and purchase the model home?  Since I have had a clients do just that, let me teach you a few things I have learned that may make you want to re-consider…

  • Most model homes are sold in AS-IS condition.  In other words, you are getting no warranty on any items except the years that may remain on the roof.  Do not expect the builder to come back and patch the holes in the walls after they take down the pictures you love or fix any issues you find after a home inspection.
  • While this home looks incredible professionally designed, it will be different with your furniture in it.  Many model homes appear odd a few years after they are sold due to their extreme wall decor.  This is important to keep in mind as your eyes can blind your logic.
  • Many models have lots of rugs… What does this mean?  If the builder is taking the rugs when they leave and your home has a lot of hardwood floors, there is good chance that you will have a lot of sun stains that have diluted the color of your hard woods while the home was a model.  BE SURE to look under the rug before purchasing.
  • Your Lot  Stinks! It is not uncommon for a builder to build the model home on one of the less desirable lots in the community.  Why?  Because they know that it would be hard to sell it if it wasn’t a model.  However, because it is, many people will overlook the lot and take home not considering how hard it will be to re-sale it in the next few years.

So, can a model home be a great investment?  Sure.  Just make you are not so blinded by a homes beauty that you overlook it’s potential flaws…

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