3 Reasons Why You Should Be Considering Chantilly / Aldie

I am a huge Ashburn fan!  Maybe it is because I live there but I am not bias:)

The hard truth is that Ashburn is getting a little full.  It has been the lifeblood of one of the fastest growing counties in the US for around 10 years.   Nevertheless, south-eastern Loudoun hasn’t progressed at the same rate.  People have dodged the area due to route 50 being the slowest main road ever, 606 is only 2 lanes making the toll road a challenging drive, and there are almost NO good restaurants (except Ford’s Fish Shack).  

The tides are turning so here are a few reasons why the Chantilly / Aldie area is now worth consideration.

1.  Route 50 has expanded!
Travel times in Northern VA is king when buying a home.  Traveling down route 50 in the morning and evening can cost you 30 minutes looking at the back of a dump-truck moving at the speed of smell.  Now, except for a few stop lights in Fairfax County before getting to route 28, traffic flows pretty well.

2.  Homes are more affordable.
I don’t have the stats to prove this but I show enough homes to know that homes in this area can be around 3% more affordable (75% of stats are made up on the spot:).  South Riding has been the predominate community there for some time but builders can’t buy up land quick enough.

3.  Arcola Center
If you haven’t heard, there is a huge mixed use community (retail, housing, shopping, restaurants,etc) that is being developed and will open some stores as early as this year.  Here comes your restaurants!

If you haven’t visited the area in some time I would recommend it!